Botanisches Treffen 1999


BOTANISCHES TREFFEN was the first symposium organized together by the grounding members of >slap.e.v. in collaboration with the Gardengallery Klosterkielhof in Hude. Four artists participating in a symposium as painters who reflect the outdoor painting of landscape from the beginning of this century.

The space where this experiment was happening was the garden of the "Gardengallery Klosterkielhof", which lodge about 3000 plants in a space of 6000 sqares with diffrent architectual landscapes. The artists worked out an outdoor panorama painting in a circle on the base of the projection of the plan of the area. Each painter had only few days to process the image after another.

The contents were rather realy nature than the personal regard of the delay in the garden and also the conclusion of the typicall work of each painter.

Participating artists: Martin Conrad, Hamburg; Ralf-Rainer Odenwald, Hamburg; Laura Pearsall, Berlin; Insa Winkler, Hude;


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